Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sexism and Cliques

I should write daily a few notes about my experiences in nursing school. Goal for next semester, as I have three left. I have to be honest that with two weeks left of school I don't feel motivated. I am losing interest and feel like I'm not learning anything new. Is it because I already completed one semester of nursing school three years ago?

Perry seems to be getting away with being a slacker and I've distanced myself from him. I do not talk to him much. He's never in class anyway but if he is, I do not get into any discussions. I do not pass notes anymore. I'm not helping him or encouraging him. He's so bloody selfish. Yesterday and Friday he got help with surgical asepsis and I feel that because he's a guy he is being handled with kid gloves. It might just be me but I've seen sexism in college many times before. Guys in a nursing program are few and the school must want to do everything possible to keep the ones in the program there. It shouldn't bother me but it does a bit. I think that if the school wants to let someone like him get through the program it just makes me want to get through it and be less likely to support the school after I graduate. I will have less respect for the program.

Cliques still abound. It's amazing how many people do not know each other because they sit in the same seats and only associate with those in clinical. I feel I straddle groups or know a lot of people in the class but I am still bothered that I don't have a secure study group.

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