Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week One Down

No more days of getting up at 4:45. At least I hope so. Now I'm going to be orienting on the 3-11 shift. So I still get somewhat nervous because of a new schedule. It's up and down. The bed count is still low so it's not as busy. I make rounds. It'll be interesting to see if things pick up with 3-11 but a lot of times people go to bed by 9. Though there will be less physical therapy and occ therapy so that won't be keeping patients busy.

I took another orientee in to empty a colostomy bag and she said, "You should have warned me, I would have worn a mask," when we got out of the room. I was surprised she made it through nursing school without having to do that. But you never know what kind of issues patients have.

A girl who is also orienting and is 19 told me she was in a "serious relationship." She's been dating a guy since she was 15. Do people really do that? Weird.

There's definitely a separation between nursing students and "career" CNAs but it's not too bad so far. This week I should receive hours after I finish training. Though I hate working and want to work as little as possible, I said I'd like to work 32 hours a week in the summer and then two shifts in the fall when school begins.

I'm not getting any bad or weird vibes so I think I can last for 6+ months.