Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crampy and bad mood

I got canceled for yesterday and guess I won't get canceled for today because there are other per diems that would get canceled (to make things fair). The thing is, I have my period and it's pretty bad this month... I'll spare the details.

Pushed myself through a 15 mile bike ride today. I burned only 675 calories. Normally it's much more (800). It took me the same amount of time. Kinda weird.

This past week at the Rehab hospital proved challenging. My back bothered me more than usual and now I know that PMS was partly to blame. I also think my back will get a bit more used to some of the work.

Another issue with other CNAs not answering call lights which has caused me to leave two jobs! I felt I was answering lights for everyone from the moment I arrived on the floor and other people only answer the lights for "their" people. Horrible. If it's something like "I need to go to bed," I tell the person I will find their CNA. If it's easy, I just take care of it. I went to answer a call light and walked right past this Haitian (are they lazy or blaise?) who was leaning against the wall directly across from the call light. The light was right in front of his eyes. How could he ignore that? How could anyone with any conscience or sense of decency or humanity ignore that? I'm mad thinking about it and I think I have to work with him all weekend. He just is not helpful. One of those disappearing types. When you need help, he's nowhere to be found.

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