Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why don't people answer call lights?

Apathy, laziness, lack of teamwork=my new job
Oh I cannot stand it. Just like at the nursing home there are several people from Haiti working at the Rehab place. I don't know why they all become CNAs. They stick to themselves, speak in Creole all the time and talk on the phone to their families. The worst of it is that they only answer call lights if it is for one of their assigned patients. I have never understood this and it irked me to no end at the nursing home I worked at a few years ago.

I answered tons of "other people's patient's" call lights tonight and I don't have a problem with it. If I cannot help the person, I go and get someone to help me. This is a team situation.

When the change of shift occurred, Gail and I were sitting in the back room, having just finished doing our patients and paperwork. We had been getting call lights. A nurse that just came in said, "Are those girls back there answering call lights at all?" I was livid. I said, "I've been answering tons of call lights since I got here." I got up and walked around the hall several times. Then I went back to tell Gail how annoyed I was and that I hated this and it's unprofessional (and I was accused of being unprofessional by the nurse manager? How ironic!!) and a call light went off-- and it beeps a few times so I jumped up and said I'd get it. Well, as I walked into the room, I walked right by the male CNA. He was standing right across from the room where the patient was! How absurb and abolutely lazy and selfish and inappropriate is that? I don't want to screw over the patients but I don't want to help this guy anymore. What an a-hole.

It reminds me of the nursing home. I was the only non-Haitian working. At night they'd sit in their chairs and a call light would go off and they'd look down the hall and say, "it's yours." What the fuck! It's MINE. It's part of my assignment but as far as I'm concerned every CNA is responsible for answering call lights.

Between the disrepect of the nurse and the other CNAs. Oh, and the nurse I was working with didn't even introduce herself to me and barely talked to me, I didn't even want to go back!!!

On top of that my back hurts. It's WAY too much physical labor and I should just put my Medical Assistant degree to use. It might be more interesting.

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