Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Day at Lab:TPR and medical math

So nervous driving over to lab today. Yikes! I thought I'd be late and then that I would not do very well on the quiz. The way it works is we do the reading, have a quiz, learn skills and then get tested on the skills [certified so that we can participate in clinical].

Temperature, pulse and respiration. I learned the proper technique for taking a tympanic temp. Rotate once its in the ear because it scans. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that? Apical pulse is a bit tricky but it's not that hard. Transitioning from taking the pulse to respirations is always a challenge. I have poor short term memory with numbers.

As far as the math that we did: I work with dimensional analysis and cannot do it any other way. In fact, with my method, I was the only one to get this problem.

grain 1/125=_____mg

Dimensional Analysis:


then>>>> 60/125 mg=

12/25 mg=

0.48 mg

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