Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Health care workers without healthcare

Have you ever considered the hypocrisy of working in healthcare without healthcare coverage-- despite the new Massachusetts law?

I am in that situation. Currently, I work at Mt. Auburn hospital as a Clinical Assistant; per-diem. I had hoped for a part-time, benefitted position but it does not seem that this will be possible in the department in which I work.

I just had to apply for Mass Health and know many of my nursing school classmates as well as a few co-workers [part-time/benefits eligible positions but healthcare is not affordable]are in the same predicament.

But we are with sick people all the time! We are on the front line for infectious diseases and we cannot maintain proper prevention by having a decent health care? Sure, I am fully immunized but I could easily be exposed to unknown toxins and microorganisms. I think it is outrageous.

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