Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clinical #1 Evaluation

"Amy came to this rotation with some knowledge on basic nursing skills [yes, several years as Certified Nursing Assistant and an associates in Medical Assisting. and I get the impression that nursing schools look down on both positions, especially Medical Assisting, and actually believe that ALL CNAs and ALL M.A.s have bad habits or improper training: me] which helped her understand the rationale for the assessment skills that she needed to perform. She is punctual in reporting to clinical as well as in submitting written assignments. She is an active participant in group conferences. One issue that Amy might want to address or be aware of, is that she occasionally expresses her opinions in an argumentative manner. She has good ideas but her tone of voice and body language discourage discussion and/or interaction. [How was I an active participant in group conferences then?: me]. These would not be good attributes for teamwork and leadership. Good luck in your nursing career Amy."

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