Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Day of Clinical One

Can't figure it out. Just got back from clinical with an eval that was not perfect. I was told again (second instructor) that I was agressive or "confrontational" at times. "nursing is a people-person career" yada yada.

she asked if i had any friends!! just to make me feel worse. I mentioned two guys close to my age who I was friends with, Robert, who you know and this guy Perry. She misunderstood me and said "just bec. they are close in age doesn't mean you'll get along" and I said, "no they are friends and we have studied together." I actually think Robert and I would be able to be social outside of class too. Perry is married and from the South and a bit weird about "hanging out."

I asked for a copy of the eval and I'm going to email her to remind her I want a copy so I can show it to my therapist on Monday. I'm really tired of this and this going around and around when I start off pretty well as far as I know. I will put more details down.

I don't know everything but there is an air I give off with my "book smarts" that some people really dig and some are turned off by and then with my urban sensibilities and dislike for surburbia, I feel that makes it quite tough to find commonalities with people.

The hospital I work at will be in Cambridge or Boston, NOT Lowell.

I said I can change my tone and she told me not to be "fake." So what am I going to do?

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