Friday, February 15, 2008

Cliques, cliques, cliques

still feel like I am in high school instead of an associate's degree program in nursing. frustrating. I realize that there are mostly 20-somethings, though there are plenty of people in their 30s like me and some in their 40s too. today I felt quite low in class. low energy. people keep asking the most silly/ridiculous questions and the instructor gets side-tracked and spends too much time on basic information and not enough on the important information. Oh and all the instructors ask "Have you done assessment yet?" or "have you used a stethoscope?" Why don't they look at our schedule or talk to each other. they expect us to be prepared and read, can't they take one minute to know our base of knowledge.

and everyone laughs and laughs-- okay I exaggerate a bit-- but is this a vaudeville act? I suspect nervous laughter because this just is not funny most of the time. we have so much to do and most people are stressed I believe. especially in trying to work at the same time.

now I just have SUNDAYS this month at Mount Auburn. I plan to apply per diem to some other spots.

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