Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Urbanite miserable in suburbia

That would be a good title for a personal ad. I'll keep it in mind when I feel attractive and thin enough to date again. I am so fat and ugly and I exercise and eat well and not excessively but my weight just stagnates. Ugh ugh. Nothing fits anymore. I feel SO bloated and ick all the time.

I figured out something about my feelings of being the "odd girl out" at school. I am. There is very little I have in common with my classmates. I am most comfortable and happy living in Boston. These people live in the suburbs. Most are a bit more blue collar than me, I would say. The majority are married or living with an S.O. And they do so many domestic things. A lot of the women are in their early 20s. I just frankly do not have much in common with someone that young. Can't go to the movies alone or to the store alone or must check in with boyfriend/husband all the time? Not for me. I know I'm a snob. They don't partake in the cultural activities that I like to do so much-- film, reading, music, museums.

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