Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am I over-reacting?

I'll have to ask my therapist. I mentioned that I had not even been considered for a per-diem PCA position at Mount Auburn Hospital where I've been working since November. Not only that but my nurse manager is also interim nurse manager of the ED! She knew I was looking at jobs for other departments.

Here's the latest email exchange: to me
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I'm reforwarding you my reply. These positions are in high demand and I interviewed and filled them quickly.

Amy Steele to dbreton
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I received that reply when you sent it. I just find it interesting as I had been applying to part-time and per-diem positions on other units since February in anticipation of the WIC not needing me any longer.

I'm insulted and disappointed that I was never considered for the positions. I had enjoyed the MAH atmosphere but I guess I'll make do elsewhere and leave the state once I get my RN.

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