Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why is getting a Nursing Assistant job so complex?

Mount Auburn rehash:

1. I worked in the Walk-In Center and Denise Breton is nurse manager there as well as for the Emergency Department. There were several positions open in the ED and she never considered me. She seemed to like me but obviously would not hire me again.

2. I made it clear to Gayla Jackson at Mount Auburn Hospital, Needham 7 and she still couldn't work with my schedule and wasted my time to come in and interview for a position she never would have offered or considered.

original email from me:
Hi Gayla,

I work per diem in another department at MAH and am looking for more shifts and saw Needham 7 needs CNAs. I currently work in the Walk in Center but Denise does not anticipate needing me for a while. I saw that you were looking for CNAs on Needham 7

I am in my first semester of nursing school and am interested in 2nd shift. I'm available any weekend shift and several times during the week. I have class in the morning. Clinical on Thursdays at NE Rehab. I've attached my resume for your consideration.

thank you,

Amy Steele

gjackson@mah.harvard.edu to me
show details Apr 2 Reply

Hi Amy,

I think we can work something out - why don't you come up and we can meet and discuss hours up here. Are you around Friday morning? If not we can certainly make plans for sometime next week. Let me know your availability.


dbreton@mah.harvard.edu to me
show details May 17 (11 days ago) Reply

And the most bogus and suspect email from my former manager:

Hi Amy,
Sorry it's taken me so long to answer you. Unfortunately, those positions in the E.D. have been filled.
Hope your school year is winding down (if not already over). Good luck with the job search!

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