Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Moving

thanks to jenna at eat, live, run: I bought some almond butter and chose the Hemp waffles because they are high in Omega 3s and FIBER of course. I bought some almond butter and 365 waffles for my mom so she could give it a go. She doesn't really eat breakfast.

So I just got back from a walk for about 45 minutes. My heart monitor is not working very well. I burned about 300 calories. Which isn't much but is better than nothing. It started to drizzle on the onset but then got sunny and warm, so I thought I'd bike later and now it's looking a bit cloudy again.

I've always exercised. It's true. Despite gaining weight, I've always exercised at a gym or by walking etc. at least three times/week (which is not enough to lose weight of course). People look at fat me now and probably think that I am lazy and never work out and it's not true.

One thing I need to do in the fall: yoga. I used to take a yoga class at least once a week and felt good about all the stretching involved. This is a must. I have some DVDs that are pretty good but I just haven't been very good about doing them. Excuses that the set up in my living room here isn't right.

I should be starting my CNA training next week, so I want to read. I feel like the summer is nearly over when it hasn't started yet. I took about ten plus books out of the library plus have a stack of bought books to read!!

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