Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Hot for almost anything

Today, I need to take my nutrition exam by 8p, I'll re-read the two chapters and take the 45 minute test. Very strict on time. We get points taken off for going over so I will have to keep a close eye on the clock. The group project to analyze The Native American Food pyramid and compare it to the US Food pyramid did not go very well. My group member emailed me after midnight (it was due at 8a on Saturday). I work 3-11 in general so this isn't the best for me. Plus the two groups were so similar I had no idea what to say when she wanted 2-5 pages. The other person took all the credit for everything so I probably didn't score very well.

Our next assignment is to re-design the food pyramid. I'll put lots of veggies on the bottom and no meat sources.

My exchange with my teacher via email:

Me: I found this project confusing. There's little difference between the Native American and US Food Pyramids.

Instructor: I don't' understand why similar food pyramids would be confusing. There would be a lot of similarities, and only a few differences in your write up.

Me: Erin and I emailed a bit but never really connected. She suggested that I do the pros and cons and she'd do the similarities and differences and we'd decide which made more sense. As this is due in the morning I decided to just submit what I had done instead of having nothing go in.

Me: why are projects due at 8am on a Saturday?

Instructor: The academic schedule usually ends with Friday classes, so instead of making due dates Friday at 5 pm, I extend the deadline to Saturday morning to give students the opportunity to work on a project Friday night, when most people are home and not at work.

Me: I work 3-11 3-4 shifts a week and every other weekend. I cannot cater to everyone's work schedules- there are 25 students in this class and everyone has a different work schedule. Traditionally on-line students have very unique work schedules - that is why on-line works best for them. Also what if someone works M-F and needs all day Saturday to get the work done.

Instructor: Then you should schedule your time differently so that you can finish you assignments before Saturday. Every class I have taken online (5 at MCC) have had even deadlines on a Sunday usually. It is natural to start a new chapter/section of a course at the beginning of the week, so assignments usually are due at the end of the week. You can always hand in things early.

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